Aunt Flo’s Summer Slamboree collects more than 2K hygiene products for local women, raises $2,670 for WRC

The Greensboro Arm Wrestling League’s second event, GRAWL Brawl II: Aunt Flo’s Summer Slamboree, collected 2,047 feminine hygiene products for local women and raised $2,670 for the Women’s Resource Center of Greensboro on July 16.

Sleazy Wesley raised the most money.

Jeni from the Cell Block, who wrestled on behalf of the WRC, took home the athletic prize, besting all her competitors. Sleazy Wesley, that no-good Slytherin witch, earned the crowd favorite award for raking in the most donations.

And celebrity judges Jermaine Exum, of Acme Comics, Triad City Beat Editor Brian Clarey, and radio show host Deidre James gave Capt. McNaughty Spare-None the prize for best dressed.

GRAWL Brawl II was also the first ever event for wrestlers Sugar Pummel Fairy, Rainbow Dasher-of-Hopes, Queen Jay Jarred and Calamity Pain. Crowd favorite Pussies Galore came back for her second brawl, bravely challenging Clarey in an exhibition match — and letting him win.

All the money raised from ticket sales and GRAWLbux sales will go to help the WRC. The feminine hygiene products will be donated to the Interactive Resource Center and a Guilford County School.

To see all the scenes from the event, visit our Facebook page.

Please join us Sept. 17 for our next event, GRAWL Brawl III: Red, White and Bruised!

Capt. McNaughty and her crew.

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