Be a GRAWL volunteer in 2019!

Be a GRAWL volunteer in 2019!

The Greensboro Arm Wrestling League is looking for new volunteers who are pumped to throw fun arm wrestling events that raise tons of money for local nonprofits. Join us Sunday, December 9, at 2 pm, at the Guilford Green LGBTQ Center, 1205 W. Bessemer Ave., Suite 226, to find out if GRAWL is for you!

We need women who would like the arm wrestle and all other individuals who want to help us run our events February 16, May 11 and October 12, 2019.

We’re an all volunteer organization — which means that every dime we raise goes straight to our nonprofit partners for 2019: the Guilford Green LGBTQ Center, NCCJ’s Anytown program, and She Rocks of the Triad.

We need creative and passionate people of all kinds. We need people to sell tickets and merchandise at events. And we always welcome people with special skills, such as makeup artists, hair dressers, graphic designers, social media mavens, stage managers, directors, and people who like being on a stage. Woman of all ages and physical abilities are invited to arm wrestle, and will be properly train to do so.

Can’t attend the meeting, but still want to volunteer? Sign up online. Need more information? Email us as

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