GRAWL Announces 2017 Season

GRAWL Announces 2017 Season

grawl-season-kickoff-meetingThe Greensboro Arm Wrestling League (GRAWL) has set its 2017 brawl schedule. Potential GRAWL volunteers, wrestlers and beneficiaries are invited to attend a 2017 Season Kickoff meeting at 3 p.m., Sunday, December 4, at Geeksboro, 2134 Lawndale Dr., to learn more about our organization and what we have planned for the coming year.

GRAWL’s second season will begin February 4, with a brawl to benefit My Sister Susan’s House. Here is the full 2017 brawl schedule:

  • Saturday, February 4: GRAWL Brawl IV: Battle of the Stars (Star Wars versus Star Trek) at Geeksboro, to benefit My Sister Susan’s House (MSSH)
  • Saturday, March 18: We Could be Heroes – Heroes and Villains with a feminist twist at the Raleigh Convention Center during Oak City Comicon, a region-wide collaboration with other ladies arm wrestling leagues
  • Saturday, May 6: GRAWL Brawl V: We Could be Heroes (Part II) at Geeksboro
  • Saturday, October 21: GRAWL Brawl VI: GRAWLoween! at Geeksboro

GRAWL is actively recruiting beneficiaries and volunteers for 2017. We have a special need for hair dressers or makeup artists who can work with our wrestlers and entourage members on brawl nights.

We also need new wrestlers to fill our our 2017 roster. No experience is necessary, and women if all physical abilities are invited to participate. Transgender women are welcome.

If you are interested, please attend our December 4, or email us at

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