Volunteers and Wrestlers Honored for Extraordinary Contributions in 2016

Volunteers and Wrestlers Honored for Extraordinary Contributions in 2016

On Nov. 5, the Greensboro Arm Wrestling League (GRAWL) wrestlers and volunteers were honored for making extraordinary contributions to the league during our inaugural season.

“As a fledgling organization, we were lucky to have so many dedicated people who donated their time and energy to GRAWL,” said GRAWL co-founder Amanda Lehmert Killian. “We could not have done this without you.”

The awards were all based on nominations by other GRAWL members, except for the case of the 2016 Most Valuable Player, which went to the wrestler who raised the most money during the season.

Here are the award winners for 2016

2016 Most Valuable Wrestler: Kim Diop

Kim got way outside her comfort zone when she became Polly Purebred. But her sheer enthusiasm, and her commitment to project, won people over. She raised more than $1,000 for the YWCA, more than any other woman who wrestled this year.



Entourage Member of the Year: Shana Carignan

Shana knocked us over with her glorious representation of Donna Tramp’s Wall with Mexico. But we love it even more that she has continued to be such a huge supporter of GRAWL after initially wrestling on behalf of the IRC.

Honorable Mention: Chris Kelly


Catlady-63202016 Craft Queen: Megan Maher

Megan’s crazy but lovable Pussies Galore charmed everyone – making her a fan favorite. And her crocheting and embroidery skills have driven our raffle ticket sales. We are grateful for her creativity and commitment.

Honorable Mention: David Saunders


GRAWLer of the Year: Mel Umbarger

GRAWL is all about the show. That’s why people show up. That’s why they give money. But we couldn’t put on a show without an incredible support staff of family and friends and volunteers. And that’s why you chose Mel Umbarger as GRAWLer of the year. She counted your money. She fed us. She helped create the website. She’s basically our backbone.



grawl-3603GRAWL Man of the Year: Matt Cravey

He’s hilarious. He keeps everyone calm before and during a brawl. And he keeps our show flowing. We wouldn’t be the same without Matt Cravey.

Honorable Mention: Shane Umbarger



grawlflo-252016 Miss Congeniality: Laura Enyon

There are many reasons to love Laura. She’s a bad ass who always showed up for training. She’s endlessly creative in brainstorming costumes and personas. But if we had to pick one reason, it’d be her impersonation of Aunt Flo. Few women would willingly be a bloody tampon in public.

Honorable Mention: Meagan Albert

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