GRAWL Tops $7K for Foundation

Debbi Taunt battles Isa Tope for the arm wrestling victory!

The Greensboro Arm Wrestling League’s Sept. 30, 2023 brawl raised $7,714 for the Motivational Foundation’s HBCU campus tour.

The event took us to GRAWL High (aka Steel Hands Brewing) for a battle of staff versus students. Wrestler Anita Strikes took home the crowd favorite prize for raising more than $1,400 for the foundation. Wrestler Ms. Frazzled won the best dressed award.

First-time arm wrestler Debbi Taunt secured the arm wrestling victory. And the student team — Anita, Debbi, Slamantha Jones, Isa Topes, and manager Gory Killmore — earned the most points to be crowned crowd favorite team.

GRAWL would like to thank partner Steel Hands Brewing for being a terrific host.

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