GRAWL-o-ween raises record-breaking amount for Greensboro Mural Project

GRAWL-o-ween raises record-breaking amount for Greensboro Mural Project

The bloody Bride takes top prize!
Ms. Universe charms the judges with her twinkly costume.

The Greensboro Arm Wrestling League raised $4,192 for the Greensboro Mural Project on October 21, 2017, making GRAWL-o-ween our most successful fundraiser yet.

The Fund for Democratic Communities also agreed to match GRAWL’s fundraising efforts. All the proceeds will go towards the cost of paint and supplies, and the cost of labor for local artists who will design the mural the group’s queer heroes project.

Wrestler the Bride of F.U. Upenstein, who represented the mural project, won the competition in a dance off against Capt. McNaughty.

The judges — city council candidates Michelle Kennedy, Tammi Thurm, and Justin Outling — named first-time arm wrestler Ms. Universe best dressed for her out-of-this world outfit. They also gave a nod to the Bride for her killer high heels.

The Academic Avenger, another first-time wrestler, took home the coveted crowd favorite award, for raising more than $1,300 in donations.

Check out all the awesome photos from our event on our Facebook page.

This event ends our 2017 season, having raised $9,990 for Greensboro nonprofits. Since GRAWL was founded, our lady arm wrestlers and cast of volunteers have raised more than $18,000.

The Academic Avenger raised more money than any other wrestler.

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