GRAWL raises $3,000 for teen empowerment conference

GRAWL raises $3,000 for teen empowerment conference

Xena, Warrior Princess of Pain, took out a lot of ladies on her way to the top.
Capt. Rosie Rodgers and her all-American crew.

GRAWL Brawl V raised $3,000 for the I Am A Queen Foundation on May 6 at Elm Street Center at its first ever Free Comic Book Day event.

Xena, Princess of Pain, bested all her lady arm wrestling competitors and took home the athletic prize. Arie Hell the slaymaid raised the most money, taking home the crowd favorite trophy. And our celebrity judges artist Dan Dos Santos, comic book artist Randall Trang, filmmaker Jaysen Buterin, and awesome Ssalefish comic book store clerk Rachel Roberts chose Rosie Rodgers as the best dressed wrestler.

Wrestlers Urslamya, Queen Quail, Riot Grrrl, Lois Pain, and the dancing diva sHULKie, wrestling on behalf of I Am A Queen, rounded out our stellar roster.

Funds raised for at the brawl will go towards the foundation’s teen empowerment conference, taking place in Greensboro this July.

GRAWL will be taking a summer vacation, but we will return for GRAWLoween on October 21!

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